RIP Former WWF Superstars

We lost TWO former WWE Superstars this weekend . . . although when they wrestled, it was still called the WWF.

NIKOLAI VOLKOFF passed away yesterday at the age of 70.  He was HUGE in the ’80s as an evil Russian villain, who always demanded that the audience stand so he could sing the Soviet national anthem before his matches.

He and the Iranian villain THE IRON SHEIK were one of the most hated . . . and thus one of the best . . . tag teams of all time.  (Check out tributes from the Sheik and other wrestlers here.)

Meanwhile, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER died yesterday after hanging himself in prison.  He was only 46.  He was behind bars thanks to a DUI arrest earlier this month.

Christopher wrestled for the WWE as GRAND MASTER SEXAY from 1997 to 2001.  He was in a tag team called TOO COOLwith his partner, SCOTTY 2 HOTTY.

He was also the son of wrestling legend JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER, who was with him when he died.  Christopher didn’t die immediately from the hanging.  He was taken to the hospital, where his family had to make the decision to take him off life support.