7 Pieces of Dating Advice from a Woman Who Went on 100 Dates in a Year


Between the spring of 2014 and the spring of 2015, writer Holly Martyn went on 100 dates — yes, 100 dates — with men she met online, in the course of daily life, or in setups by friends or acquaintances. “I’ve met wonderful and not-so-wonderful people all three ways,”  Martyn said. “You just never know! Just show up.”

 1. Yes, your couch is comfy, but you can’t meet anyone if you never leave the house. “Live your life, follow your interests and passions, whether you have a partner or not,” she said. “Chances are you’ll meet a like-minded person along the way.”

 2. Finding love makes all the hassle and heartbreak worth it. “Keep your heart open, even though, inevitably, you may have some scar tissue. Don’t give up, don’t settle.”

 3. Once a week, sit at a bar or eat at a restaurant by yourself.  “A lone person is less intimidating and people are more likely to engage with you. Get off your phone. Engage with other humans.”

 4. It’s a numbers game. “My experience taught me that indeed, in 100 dates or fewer, you will meet someone remarkable.”

 5. Online dating isn’t as hopeless as it seems. “I’ve had some fantastic dates with people I’ve met online.”

 6. Let people know you’re on the market. “Don’t be shy about mentioning to friends, family, anyone who will listen that you’re single and open to blind dates and set-ups”

 7. Be patient and embrace the adventure. “No, it’s not going to always be easy on the dating front, but what’s the alternative? You want to die sexless and alone? I’m only half-joking,” Martyn said.