Peeing in the Shower Is Actually Kind of Good for You

It’s (fairly) hygienic. Urine is basically filtered waste from your bloodstream. It is composed of water, electrolytes, and urea. Contrary to popular belief, urine is not actually sterile: even if you’re healthy, your urine likely contains low levels of bacteria. But because there’s a constant stream of running water to wash your urine down the drain, urinating in the shower would not present any significant hygiene risks.

 It’s environmentally friendly. You know that old saying, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow”? Well, it’s true: older toilets can use between 5 and 7 gallons of water per flush. So, peeing in the shower saves you a flush, which is actually a decent way to cut down on your household’s water use.

 It can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Doing regular Kegel exercises, or contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles, has been proven to strengthen muscles and improve blood flow to the area, which is thought to help sexual function, thus improving the quality of your orgasms and helping you last longer in bed.

 Some people think it could be good for athlete’s foot. There’s an old wives’ tale that peeing in the shower is a good way to prevent or treat athlete’s foot. But, there is no published evidence that urinating in the shower may help to prevent foot fungus.

 To sum up: if you’re squeamish about bodily functions, then by all means, you should continue to use the toilet like a good boy or girl. But if you’re in the shower and you really have to pee, then it likely won’t do you any harm; in fact, it may even have some small benefits. So pee freely, friend.