Things You’d Be Surprised To Know About Mick Jagger

In honor of today being Mick Jagger’s 75th birthday, check out this list of The Top Things You’d Be Surprised to Know About Mick Jagger.

  • He can get a hangover just LOOKING at Keith Richards.
  • Even though he looks like moldy bread, smells like antifungal cream, and drools, he still way more tail than you.
  • You can stream his music on Liver-Spotify.
  • He can unhinge his jaw and swallow a watermelon whole.
  • He originally studied economics. It explains his unreleased solo album “I Got The Supply and Demand Blues.”
  • Now when he asks crowds to sing along, it’s because he genuinely forgot the lyrics.
  • The first thing Mick bought when he struck it rich was insurance on his lips.
  • He’s fathered eight children by five different women. Or, as it’s known in the NBA, “restraint.”
  • He’s an avid cricket fan. But only when it’s played by a group of nude supermodels.
  • The only thing that gives him no satisfaction nowadays is the tiny print in “TV Guide”.
  • He buys his skinny jeans in the women’s section.
  • Though he’s 75, he doesn’t look a day over rawhide.