Real Men Reveal Their #1 Struggle When It Comes to Relationships

Some men might not exactly feel comfortable opening up honestly about their challenges when it comes to dating, but the men of the AskMen subforum on Reddit were happy to share their biggest struggles when it comes to dating. Recently, one redditor asked, “What’s your biggest struggle when dating?”


What did they have to say? Read on to find out, and maybe men will stop seeming like such strange creatures and more like other humans just trying to make a connection, just like you!


1. I can’t always figure out what the other person is thinking.

2. I lack the energy for dating again after a breakup.

3. Dealing with optimists is the worst.

4. It starts to feel repetitive.

5. All that effort gives me so little in return.

6. I have yet to meet nice people.

7. It’s hard to open up all over again.

8. Meeting people seems impossible.

9. I find it difficult to take the lead.

10. I fear being ghosted.

11. I struggle to be emotionally vulnerable.

12. It’s just hard to find the time.

13. I can’t always figure out if it’s love or friendship.

14. I’m too short.

15. I haven’t met the right one.