Women Would Rather Hang Out with Their Dog than Their Partner

Half of female dog-owners say they would rather spend time with their dogs than with their partner or family members, according to a survey conducted by pet food brand Purina.

 And of the more than 1,000 dog owners surveyed, 95 percent said that they view their dog as part of the family; 62 percent reported that their furry friend helps them de-stress after work and 55 percent believe that their dog provides emotional comfort.

 Taylor Napoli, 35, admits that spending time with her black lab/collie mix, Dexter, is often better than being with other humans.  And now that she’s a new mom to a baby girl, Napoli feels guilty about neglecting Dexter. “Every morning, I’m making sure that I take him out first before I feed her (the new baby),” she said.

 And Sophia Olson, 24, from Kannapolis, NC, admits that when she and her husband are not taking their terrier/spaniel mix Pontiac camping, they each like to spend their downtime apart with him. “In the summer we spend almost all day together-most of the time we are together asleep in our bed,” she added.

 Olson is one of the almost half (45 percent) of American pet-owners that say they allow their fur babies to sleep in bed with them. The same is true for Napoli: “He sleeps with us in the bed,” she said. “He’s literally never used his dog bed.”

 This all comes at a time when Americans are spending more than ever on their pets. Pet parents spent nearly $70 billion in total on their pets last year, up four percent from 2016, and that number is expected to continue to climb.