Why It’s Important To Support Your Breastfeeding Coworkers

New parents are sleep deprived and overwhelmed, so it’s important to be there for them. A new study from Michigan State University and Texas Christian University researchers finds for breastfeeding moms, support from female co-workers may be even more important than getting encouragement from their significant others, close friends, and relatives. Lead study co-author Jie Zhuang says people may assume that women in the workplace naturally encourage one another, but often it may not be the case. A survey of 500 working mothers showed evidence that for those who returned to work and continued breastfeed– receiving colleague support was instrumental. It also revealed that more than a quarter of women who originally decided to breastfeed made the decision because their place of employment created a helpful environment. Study co-author Joanne Goldbort adds, “In order to empower women to reach their goals and to continue breastfeeding, it’s critical to motivate all co-workers by offering verbal encouragement and practical help.”