Women Expect A Pricey Engagement Ring If Their Partner Is Ugly

When an average looking man marries an above-average looking woman, he is praised. But it turns out these women aren’t saints– a new study finds women expect a pricier ring with a big stone if they think their partner is ugly. Western Oregon University showed 590 people a photo and a brief description of someone of the opposite sex who had been pre-rated as “attractive” or “unattractive.” They then told each participant to imagine that person was their partner. Female participants were instructed to pick the smallest engagement ring they’d be willing to settle for offered by the man in the photo, and male participants were asked the size of ring they would buy for their imaginary girlfriend. The results showed men were more willing to buy a large, expensive engagement ring when they imagined themselves proposing to a beautiful woman, and women expected more expensive rings if they envisioned themselves with an unattractive partner. Researchers¬† explain the findings suggest men typically use symbols of success to entice more desirable partners, and that women are happy to settle for an ugly partner if he brings something else to the table–like money.¬†