Friday The 13th Fun Facts

Since today is Friday the 13th, please enjoy this list of The Top Friday the 13th Fun Facts.

  • If the movies are to be believed, it’s probably not a good day to go camping, smoke pot, and have premarital sex.
  • People who think today is actually jinxed are called “superstitious.” And also, “stupid.”
  • The superstition around the #13 goes back to the Last Supper . . . because it was the number on the softball jersey that Judas wore.
  • Today is the day to avoid anything with the number thirteen. That includes the age of your dates, Roy Moore.
  • Kevin Hart is very careful not to walk underneath a black cat.
  • No matter what you do today, you are legally allowed to blame “bad luck.”
  • On this day, you should not just assume that every guy in a hockey mask is a polite Canadian.
  • George Clooney should probably stay off his scooter today.
  • While people in hockey masks who kill teenagers specifically on this day are maniacs, experts concede that they’re detail-oriented maniacs.
  • If you’re afraid of the number 13, you suffer from “triskaidekaphobia.” Either that, or you’re a gigantic wuss who seriously needs to grow a pair.
  • 13 is considered an unlucky number, because “Ocean’s 13” was the worst movie in that franchise.
  • It’s the one day a year that Chris Christie doesn’t eat the 13th bonus donut he gets when he orders his usual dozen.
  • Most Americans prefer Taco Tuesday the 13th.