If You Notice These Things about Him (and Your Relationship), He Could Be Cheating

1. He is more intimate with his phone than with you. Cheating partners frequently hoard tools of communication to ensure they aren’t caught chatting with the wrong person. This may mean that they don’t share their email or social media account passwords with you or keep computer screens locked. In many cases, cheaters will keep their phones on hand at all times.

 2. He is evasive. Evasion is the gleaming weapon of every cheater’s arsenal. If your partner sidesteps any direct questions you ask about infidelity or other romantic relationships, be wary.

 3. Accusations of infidelity become arguments. If you have raised the notion of infidelity with your partner and found yourself caught in an argument a few seconds later, this could be your evidence. Cheating partners, suspecting they are about to be caught, fly on the defensive.

 4. He has eyes for other women (or men). If you’ve noticed your partner’s eyes wandering when you are out and about, note where they land. If they size up women, linger on summer dresses, or follow other gazes, be on the alert.

 5. He is mysterious with his time. If your partner is being mysterious about what they are doing in the evenings, on the weekends, during the day’especially when asked this could suggest infidelity.

 6. You suspect that he is. If you have not been cheated on before, and you suspect that your partner is, it may be time to have A Talk. Your gut knows. Trust your intuition. After all, you’re already reading this article.