Signs You’ve Found Your Best Friend for Life

1. You’ll check their texts ASAP even though you have 11 unreads from other people. If those other people want a timely response, they should try being as funny as your BFF, just saying.

2. Your hangouts are somehow even better when you have no plans. Some of your best memories are when you just hung out at your house doing nothing but watching TV or grabbed a quick drink that turned into a five-hour drink.

 3. Deciding if you like their new boo takes forever. Oh, she has a new boyfriend? You’ll just need to peruse his online records, deep-stalk his Instagram and get to know him for six months before you agree that he is worthy of dating your best friend.

 4. You die laughing about things no one else finds funny but you two. See? This is why no new friends are needed.

 5. Anyone hacking your phones would be seriously weirded out if they read your texts. You’ve had entire, hour-long competitions of just trying to gross each other out. It would be too much for anyone’s eyes but your own, honestly.

 6. You can tell them right away when you’re mad at them. You know they won’t get defensive if you call them out in the moment.

 7. You’ve gotten over-the-top dramatic when defending them. Even if your BFF chooses to brush off a snide comment or moment of tension with someone else, you are ready to pounce.

 8. You’ll cancel plans just to be with your friend when they need you. If she’s going through a breakup or serious work drama, you’re down to raincheck your after-work drinks with anyone else just so you can be there for her.