Top Reasons To Still Shop At Walmart

Some Trump supporters are calling for a boycott of Walmart because they’re selling “Impeach 45” T-shirts . . . but you couldn’t care less. Here are The Top Reasons to Still Shop at Walmart.

  • It’s where two of your kids were conceived and the third one was born.
  • To keep up on the latest innovations in lower back tattoos.
  • Nowhere else lets you and grandma play bumper scooters.
  • Anywhere else, “Git ‘r done” is just a slogan. Not a way of life.
  • Where else can you find triple-wide camouflage Crocs?
  • You never have to say to anyone in there, “Hey, you’ve been working out?”
  • If you don’t buy a novelty T-shirt from Walmart . . . some kid in China is out half a penny.
  • It’s your one-stop-shop for buying eggs and a porch swing.
  • The bathroom at Target doesn’t double as a meth lab.
  • You get to see the future detention center for immigrant children.
  • It’s fun to impress everyone with your shiny white tooth.
  • It’s the safest place to be in case of a terrorist attack, because everyone is carrying a gun.
  • It has trailer parking. So, it’s only steps away from your home!