Should You Delete Photos Of Your Ex On Instagram Once You’re In A New Relationship?

Many people use social media as a way to document their lives, and that includes their relationships. But, not all relationships last, and Instagram never forgets. Relationship coach Samantha Burns says you should delete photos of you and your ex if seeing photos of them makes you “miss them, overwhelms you with anger, or you find yourself crying every time you look at them.” She says if you have a new partner in your life who is asking you to take the photos down, you should think about how that would make you feel as well, as you want to make that person feel they are a priority, but your ex was also part of your life– so ultimately it has to be your decision. Burns adds, “Definitely delete kissing photos and other clearly affectionate posts, such as ones from your romantic beach vacation or anniversaries.” She also says, “If you feel badly deleting your old posts, or worry it will crush your ex, you may went to send a short message that says, ‘I realize this may hurt you, but I need to unfollow you and delete our old photos. It’s difficult for me to see them, and I need to take time and space to heal.'”