Things You’d Be Surprised To Know About The Supreme Court

With the Supreme Court dominating the news this week, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Things You’d Be Surprised to Know About the Supreme Court.

  • It’s their duty to interpret what our Founding Fathers thought. Or in the case of Alexander Hamilton, rapped.
  • All nominees go through a rigorous confirmation process in Congress. Because who better to judge character than Congress?
  • The average age of the nine Justices is deceased.
  • Some of the most famous cases they’ve decided include Roe vs. Wade, Brown vs. Board of Education, and Joe vs. The Volcano.
  • Sonia Sotomayor’s real dream job is being a judge on “The Voice”.
  • 65% of Americans think it was started by Diana Ross.
  • Clarence Thomas is often the swing vote. At least, I THINK that’s why they call him a “swinger.”
  • It’s called the “high court” because Justice Elena Kagan does bong hits like there’s no tomorrow.
  • On Casual Fridays, the justices wear knee-high robes.
  • When not in session, they share a house in a reality show called “Real Justices of Washington, D.C.”.
  • Deadlocks are resolved with a knife fight.