‘Adorable’ Things Women Do That Turn Men All the Way Off

1. Talking in a baby voice. I had a co-worker who was super cute. She had a rockin’ body, big brown eyes and the cutest button nose. Men were constantly asking her out. But, she rarely got past a first date because after an evening of her baby talk, giggles, and nose scrunching, the guys went radio silent.

 2. Bringing their dog everywhere. As a matchmaker for men, I’m in the position of hearing feedback after dates. I got a call from one of my clients, Joe, about Gina. “Marla, I really like Gina, but she brings her dog with her everywhere. She has one of those dog carrier slings that she wears on her body, and that dumb little dog comes on all of our dates with us!”

 3. Being a little too … out there. Tim called me after his lunch date with Sarah. “Marla, okay … how do I say this? Sarah believes that Aliens built the pyramids in Egypt … and she also believes in chemtrails … AND she’s a vegan! Please find me someone normal.” Bringing up controversial topics like these too early is a gamble unless you already know his stance aligns with yours.

 4. Wearing too much makeup. This is a complaint I’ve heard countless times. Guys love natural beauty, and when your face is caked with makeup it makes him feel like he’s at a cabaret show instead of on a date with a cool, down-to-earth girl.

 5. Complaining about your looks. He can’t win, because if he tells you that yes, you do look fat in those pants, he’s doomed, and if he says, “No, not at all honey,” when you know your buttons are bursting, you’ll accuse him of lying.Give the guy a break by keeping it to yourself and trusting that he thinks you look beautiful.