The 10 Best Airlines, Ranked by Free Snacks

10. Allegiant: Allegiant does not offer complimentary snacks or beverages on its flights. Also, Allegiant flights are three-and-a-half times more likely to suffer an in-flight breakdown than flights operated by five of its competitors. But, hey, this is about snacks!

 9. Spirit: No free snacks. A wasteland.

 8. Frontier: Nothing is free. Your flight might be cheaper, though. Please pack a snack.

 7. Southwest: Southwest offers free peanuts and pretzels as well as the standard beverage service. Their coffee is from Community Coffee. It’s all perfectly fine.

 6. Alaska: Alaska Airlines offers a standard beverage service, Starbucks coffee, and free pretzels and cookies. Not bad.

 5. United: United has abandoned the stroopwafel and is dead to me. (They did backtrack on tomato juice, though – is there hope?)

 4. Delta: Delta currently offers almonds, a pretzel-based snack mix, KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk bars, and Biscoff cookies. The greatest of these, of course, are the Biscoff cookies. (Ever had Trader Joe’s cookie butter? They’re that in solid form.)

 3. American: Passengers on flights within North America get complimentary beverages (tea, coffee, juice, Coca-Cola products, etc.). Best of all, though, American offers the aforementioned stroopwafel: two thin waffle cookies with a caramel sauce in between. American also offers pretzels and nuts, which are less important.

 2. JetBlue: JetBlue has good snacks, particularly on the savory side of things: pretzels, PopCorners chips, chocolate chip cookies, and, most importantly, Cheez-its. Their coffee is from Dunkin’ Donuts. Does anyone have strong feelings about Dunkin’ Donuts coffee? I do not. It is fine, it tastes like coffee.

 1. Hawaiian: Hawaiian Airlines is the only carrier on this list to offer a complimentary alcoholic beverage in the main cabin (a Koloa Breeze Rum Punch, according to a rep) on North American flights. Aside from that, they’ve got a standard beverage service, snack mix, and macadamia nut chocolate from Hawaiian Host.