More People Are Requesting Cash as a Gift to Pay Off the Wedding

Everyone wants their dream wedding now, even if they can’t afford it. And America’s entitled 20 and 30-somethings aren’t letting a lack of funds stand in their way . . .

A new survey by The Knot found that asking for cash on wedding registries is a lot more popular than it used to be. About 50% more common last year than it was in 2016.

And one of the top things couples use it for now is to pay for the wedding ITSELF.

The honeymoon is still the most common thing couples ask people to fund, followed by a down payment on a house.

But the wedding itself was #3 last year . . . big-ticket items, like appliances, were #4 . . . and help paying off debt was #5. I wonder how much of THAT debt had to do with the wedding. On average, couples who did ask for cash last year got a total of $1,437 from their wedding guests last year.