Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Have you ever seen a ghost? In an article for the Conversation, Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths University, Alice Gregory, says there could be scientific explanations for seeing things that go bump in the night. He explains when we sleep we go through various cycles until we hit REM sleep– or Rapid Eye Movement. This is when we are most likely to have our most vivid dreams, and also when our body naturally paralyzes us, as a safety mechanism that stops us from acting out our dreams. Some people wake up what they’re still paralyzed, and this is called sleep paralysis. About eight percent of people are thought to have experienced this, and many researchers believe the condition could explain a huge number of so-called paranormal experiences. Another condition that could make someone feel they’re having a paranormal experience– exploding head syndrome. This happens as we fall asleep, and our brain begins to inhibit our ability to move, see and hear things. If you suddenly hear a “bang” it might be due to a delay in this process. Researchers hope that offering scientific explanations for paranormal experiences might help lower people’s anxiety.