Things Men Think Women Want in a Partner – But They Really Don’t


A nice car. From complexismygame: “Never once have I heard a girl say, ‘Yeah, he’s cool and all….but his car isn’t cool enough.’ We really don’t care what type of car you drive. It could be a Rolls Royce or a Huyndai Sonata, as long as it’s not stolen.

 A massive penis. From selkieselk: “Men are obsessed with the size of their members, but women don’t care. As long as it’s not going to kill me I couldn’t care less about the size. It is the single least important thing about you.”

 A passion for kids. From mystical_flower: “You don’t have to want children. There are lots of childfree women out there!

 Showing zero emotion. From vivolleyball15: ” Guys, it’s okay to cry and to get all sweet with your lady. Every man I’ve seen cry, I’ve gained respect for. Congratulations, you know how to express your feelings instead of bottling them up. GOOD. Bottling them up is bad for everyone, especially if I want a relationship with you.”

 Being rich. From Crazyybus: “I find it very attractive if someone is passionate about what they do. If that is starting your own million-dollar business-great! If it’s having a small shelter for abandoned dogs, or roadwork, that’s also great. Sitting on your ass all day complaining that women only go for rich guys? Not so much.”

 Covering up your hair loss. From body_by_monsanto: “Being/going bald is beyond your control. Some guys have hair, some don’t. Don’t go out of your way to wear a hat, or try to cover up a bald spot/receding hairline with a weird hairstyle.”

 Photos of your junk. From SewItAlly: “Just don’t.”