Signs You’re Totally Divorcing a Narcissist

1. THEY TAKE EVERYTHING PERSONALLY. For example, if you’re not in the mood for sex because you’re exhausted at the end of a huge day at work, a narcissist would likely make it about himself, saying you don’t love him or aren’t attracted to him.

 2. THEY INSIST THAT YOU’RE CRAZY. Narcissists are notorious for not taking responsibility for their behavior-and pinning the blame on those around them.

 3. THEY DON’T BELIEVE THEY NEED TO WORK ON THEMSELVES. Narcissists are most concerned with being right or demonstrating that they are an ideal partner. They are not open to listening to how they actually come off to others or open to change.

 4. THEY WERE DOMINANT DURING YOUR RELATIONSHIP. Narcissists tend to believe that their way isn’t just the best way, but the only way.

 5. THEY LASH OUT VICIOUSLY. Sure, during a divorce you might say things you wish you could take back. But narcissists tend to take this to the extreme.

 6. THEY’RE ICE COLD. On the flip side, a narcissist may seem abnormally cold and callous during a divorce.

 7. THEY HOLD A GRUDGE FOREVER. Even after the divorce papers have been signed, narcissists tend to carry grudges longer than the average person. When you’re dealing with a narcissist, it’s all about them.