After 26 Years, “The Jerry Springer Show” Is Ending

“The Jerry Springer Show” has been a BEACON OF LIGHT for nearly 27 years.  Seriously, it’s like the back door light, that illuminates the trash can, so you don’t get surprised by a rodent while you’re tossing your garbage.  (???)



But now, “Springer” is apparently coming to an end, after 26 seasons and nearly 4,000 episodes.



It recently lost its distribution deal with NBC Universal.  The CW quickly picked up the rights to the repeats, but there’s no word on if, or when, the show might resume production . . . and the staff is reportedly looking for new jobs.



Jerry hasn’t commented.



There are plenty of talk shows left on the air . . . even some trashy ones . . . but nothing will ever match the violence, fakery, and downright grime of “Springer”.



It’s truly a sad day.  No matter what was HITTING THE FAN in your life . . . you knew you could turn on “Springer” and feel better about yourself . . . because you weren’t a mime who was having an affair with the clown who worked your daughter’s birthday party, only to find out that the clown was your long-lost brother.