Workplace Etiquette Tips That Can Help Get You Promoted

In a recent survey, 65% of managers said being courteous and respectful at work can GREATLY improve your chances of getting a promotion. And these four etiquette mistakes can cost you . . .

1. Being distracted in meetings. Things like checking your phone don’t go unnoticed. So try to stay focused, and give people your undivided attention.

2. Not returning calls and emails fast enough. Try to respond as soon as you can, especially if you’re holding someone up from doing their job. You probably don’t need to check your email every five minutes. But waiting a day or two to respond is too long.

3. Not sharing credit for stuff. Make sure you don’t steal all the glory. Even if someone helped with a project in some small way, make sure you mention it. Chances are they’ll return the favor. And it makes you look like a team player.

4. Gossiping too much. It was the #1 workplace etiquette mistake, according to employees. And #3 according to managers, behind running late and not responding to emails fast enough.  When you gossip about people, you run the risk of making enemies at work. Plus, it looks unprofessional. So keep it to a minimum, or don’t do it at all.