Study: How A Woman Moves Is Just As Important As Her Face And Body When Attracting Lovers

There’s a lot of pressure on women to look a certain way, but it turns out how a woman moves is just as important as how she looks when it comes to attracting a mate. University of Portsmouth researchers had 37 women, with a range of body types, wear sensors as they were filmed walking on a treadmill. Then researchers stripped the footage of the women’s features, except the points of light where the sensors were placed. Footage of each participant was played for 14 women and 11 men to rate. They found, when judged on movement style, the women were considered most attractive if they wiggled their hips and took small steps. Study leader Dr. Ed Morrison added, “I’m not sure why a particular walking style is considered attractive but gait might be giving away important clues to a woman’s fitness and age – key components of reproductive health. It would be interesting to test if people can actively change their movement to attract or deter mates […].”