Overheard at the World’s Largest Skinny Dip

More than 2,000 women bared all at an Irish beach on Saturday, setting a new world record for the largest skinny dip and raising thousands of dollars for a children’s cancer charity.

 The 2,505 naked women spent at least five minutes in the chilly waters of secluded Magheramore beach, County Wicklow, roughly 60 kilometers south of Dublin, to set the new Guinness World Record. 

  • What do you mean, nobody brought sunscreen?

  • Does this mob of naked people make my butt look big?

  • Now that you mention it, it IS kind of chilly!

  • This looks like a deleted scene from Game of Thrones

  • Where did I put my car keys?”

  • PLEASE tell me that nobody brought a camera”

  •  I feel bad for the people who just wanted to jet-ski”

  • I think I just saw a manatee”

  • Tell the Guinness Book of World Records people to count faster-I’m freezing”

  • I see a lot of mismatched drapes and carpet

  • What do you mean, there’s no alcohol?