Sex is as Good for the Brain as it is For the Body

A study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior shows that people over 50 could boost their short-term memory by engaging in an active sex life. In 2012, 6,016 men and women completed a memory test and questionnaires regarding their health, diet, sex lives, as well as their emotional connection to their partners. In 2014, the process was repeated, and researchers compared the results to see what changed during that time.


The bad news is that people’s memories declined over the two-year period – but people who had more sex, and felt a stronger bond with their partners during intercourse, scored higher on memory tests. Sadly, it only boosted short-term memory, not long-term, although there is evidence to suggest that exercise can help with that. A 2016 study conducted by McGill University also found that women who have more sex have better memories. They found a correlation between sex and the growth of the hippocampus, the area of the brain the controls emotions, memory and the nervous system.