Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing a Career in Radio


Since June is National D.J. Month, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing a Career in Radio.

  • Can I handle it when my kid begs me not to come to school on Career Day?

  • Do I have a face for radio?  (Hint:  Yes.)

  • How many consecutive days can I eat ramen without getting physically ill?

  • Am I ready to land tons of chicks . . . by lying about my profession?

  • Do I mind people looking up my number and calling me at home to complain about the playlist?

  • Do I want a six-figure paycheck?  If so, why am I not pursuing a career in TV?

  • How do I respond to a boss who complains I’m not connecting with my listeners, but only gives me 30 seconds to do so?

  • Can I make it seem like a big deal when Styx is coming to the local boat show?

  • If I get a night shift gig, will I be too tired to drive for Uber during the day?

  • How psyched am I to have thousands of people associate my voice with a brutal commute to a soul-crushing job?

  • Does my religion allow me to celebrate Rocktober and Zeptember?

  • Are they not hiring at my local Starbucks?