Study: Drinking Whisky Sour Cocktails Can Encourage People To Engage In Risky Behavior

Alcohol is well-known to help people shed their inhibitions, but it turns out one cocktail rises above the others in that regard: the whisky sour. University of Sussex researchers gave 168 study participants drinks, and found those given sour drinks took more chances when gambling– playing longer and winning more than those who sipped sweet or bitter drinks, or those exposed to salty or “umami” tastes. Study co-author Dr. Marianna Obrist explains, “Our research indicates that sour does not provoke people to indulge in reckless risky habits, but does have unique attributes to modulate risk-taking and may encourage risk-averse people to take new opportunities.” It’s believed this is because, to our caveman ancestors, something tasting sour could be a sign of a dangerous, toxic food. Therefore, sipping something sour is inherently a risk-taking behavior, and could encourage other risk-taking behaviors.