The Newest Term to Know Is “FOBO” . . . the “Fear of Better Options”

You’ve probably heard the term “FOMO” by now. It means “fear of missing out.” Now there’s a similar term that’s new, and it applies to most of us on some level.

FOBO . . . spelled F-O-B-O . . . stands for the “fear of better options.”

Basically, it’s when you can’t make a decision, because you’re afraid there might be a better option out there. So instead of pulling the trigger, it’s just a never-ending search for the BEST option, because you’re afraid you’ll make the wrong choice.

The scientific term for it is “maximization.” And we do it with big AND small things. From jobs searches, to stuff we do every day.

For example, do you ever find it hard to choose a restaurant when you want delivery? Then even if you’re starving, you spend 20 minutes just scrolling through menus? That’s one small example of what FOBO is.

A little bit of FOBO isn’t a bad thing though. People who do it a little actually tend to make better decisions. But when you go overboard, it becomes a roadblock.

So the idea is to find a middle ground for yourself, where you can look at multiple options and choose a good one. Then afterward, you don’t end up worrying that there was a better option out there you missed.