Rejected IHOP Name Changes

It’s not exactly an international crisis, but many people are confused why IHOP ― aka the International House of Pancakes ― is changing its name after 60 years. The pancake chain announced Monday on Twitter that starting June 11, “IHOP” would now be “IHOb.” However, they left out one teensy-weensy, itty-bitty little detail: What the “b” stands for. I’m guessing not “broccoli”. But before they settled on IHOb, they kicked around a few other ideas…


  • International House of Watery Syrup

  • Hangover Central

  • Poor Man’s Cracker Barrel

  • For the Last Time, We Don’t Serve Booze

  • Walk-of-Shame Stopover

  • Restrooms for Customers Only

  • You Know You Want the Big Stack, Tubby

  • International House of Ironic Hipsters Doing the Placemat Puzzles

  • Carbs ‘R’ Us

  • Don’t Pretend You’re Too Good for This Place

  • Better Than Denny’s