iPhone Update Will Shame You for Always Being on Your Phone

Reckon you’re spending too much time on your iPhone? Apple will start letting you know very soon. The tech giant is expected to introduce a new Digital Health feature to the iPhone that will shame you into spending less time on your gadgets. Next week, Apple will host its annual WWDC event where it will talk about the new features coming to iPhone this year.


That means we’ll hear about the next big iPhone software update, iOS 12, which will focus on digital well-being and improving your relationship with tech. This includes adding a new tool that lets you see how much time you spend on your device. So, if you’re spending 12 hours a day flicking through cat memes, you won’t be able to avoid that bitter truth any longer. It’s also possible that Apple will mimic Google’s Android mobile phones and let you see how much time you spend in individual apps.