Study: Self-Centered People Have ‘Thicker & Denser’ Eyebrows

Even if you don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, a certain facial feature may give away something about your personality. University of Toronto researchers had one group of participants fill out a questionnaire that measured how narcissistic they were, and then took photos of those individuals with neutral expressions. Then a second group were shown the photos and told to guess which people were most self-centered. Researchers found the second group was good at identifying the most narcissistic individuals, but that when they removed the eyebrows from the photos they could no longer differentiate those people. Study leader and psychologist Miranda Giacomin says, “Narcissists seem to have more distinct eyebrows – thicker and denser.” It may be that they naturally have more distinctive brows, or it could be that they groom them in such a way so they are more easily recognized by other people.