Scientists: These Are The Healthiest Shoes To Wear

Shoes comes in many varieties, but which ones are best for your feet? Daniel Liberman, chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University explains, “When you walk in shoes, your feet are pressing against a stiff substitute for the ground that makes the muscles in the feet have to work less than if you were barefoot.” But while less work might seem like a good thing, researchers say it might actually leave your feet more vulnerable to injury. Liberman and other scientists have found that people who predominantly walk or run in “minimal” shoes (or shoes that mimic your bare feet by ditching arch support and a restrictive toe box while incorporating a thin, flexible sole) tend to have stronger, stiffer feet than those who wear traditional shoes. So ideally you should be going for something with a low heel and a thin, flexible shoe, or at least vary your shoe styles and lean toward properly fitted footwear.