Divorced Men on the Moment They Knew Their Marriage Was Over

1. When my son mentioned “mommy’s new friend”. My son innocently mentioned a dog and some little girls he had been playing with. They belonged to “mommy’s new friend.” “Did you have a sleepover at mommy’s new friend’s house?” “Yes.”  That’s when I knew. ― Matthew


2. When she said “I hate you” and meant it. Like the end of most marriages, mine included a lot of dominoes tipping into the next, but there always seems to be that first domino that starts the process. My ex-wife made arguing an Olympic sport. During one fight over something I can’t even recall, she looked at me red-faced and yelled, “I hate you,” and I knew she meant it. There is no coming back from that four-letter word. ― Bill


3.  When my wife’s divorced friends convinced her we were doomed. When my wife spent her free time with other divorced women. She had already moved into the guest bedroom and was disengaged at counseling, but the real force pulling her away was her “friends” telling her it was “her turn.” There’s an old saying: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” ― Bill


4.  When I didn’t care enough to try anymore. While it didn’t feel altogether different that time, the weeks leading up to my divorce were more strained and frustrating than in times we had fought before. As I look back on it now, however, I realize that even I had given up. I was no longer trying. That realization hit me pretty hard that night, as I lay in bed just a few hours after she asked to take a break. By the time she revealed she wanted a divorce, just a day and a half later, I had already recognized that this was it, we were done. I was done. It hurt, but I didn’t care anymore. ― Derick