Ways to Break Up with Him without Being Totally Awful about It

1. Recognize when it’s time to end your relationship. No longer attracted to him? It’s a pretty good indication your feelings are waning. If he’s mean to you, takes advantage of you, or just isn’t giving you what you need, it is time to move on. Some relationships are worth working on, so recognizing when they’re not is more important than trying to fix something that’s worthless.

 2. Don’t be mean for the sake of being mean. Don’t explode, saying all of those ugly things you’ve been bottling up for months. There’s no point – you’re getting rid of him now. You liked him enough to be with him initially so there’s no need to cut him down just to make yourself feel better.

 3. Don’t use clichés. You know that cliché, “it’s not you, it’s me”? This line is an easy way to excuse yourself from a relationship without pointing out the faults and foibles of the person you’re breaking up with. However, you don’t want to look like you’re being rude or insincere, so instead use a variation of this theme.

 4. Don’t break up with him in public. You might think a public breakup will make things easier for you since he won’t want to cause a scene, but it’s rude to do this in front of strangers and you’ll needlessly embarrass him. Remember, the point isn’t to make you feel better – you’re the one doing the dumping – you need to be considerate of his feelings.

 5. Treat him how you’d want to be treated. Breaking up is one of those things you will most likely experience from both sides, both as the heartbreaker and the one getting your heart broken. Think someone dumped you badly so you have an excuse to do it to someone else? Don’t do it – it can still happen to you again and break up karma is a b*tch.