Common Sex Dreams and What They Mean

1. Sex with a coworker. If you’re having sex dreams involving a co-worker, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to have sex with them IRL. But it might mean you’re looking to borrow some of your co-worker’s more admirable traits.

 2. Sex with your boss. If you’re getting heated with your boss, you’re likely looking for dominance and power. Remember: sex dreams are not necessarily about the person, but what they represent, such as power, authority, management skills, decision making, etc.

 3. Sex with a celebrity. Think about what first comes to mind regarding this celebrity. Is it a movie? If so, does the title or storyline of the movie seem relevant to your life right now? Follow the thread, and you will find something about that celebrity that you identify with. 

 4. Sex with a stranger. The mystery lover in your dreams is the embodiment of the qualities we tend to associate with that gender. If you’re having sex with an unknown man, for instance, then you’re trying to channel more stereotypically “masculine” traits, such as dominance. 

 5. Sex with an ex. Even if years have passed, your ex might come up in your dreams. But don’t take that as a sign to hop on the next flight to see them. The most common meaning behind the “sex with the ex” dream is a need to rekindle the excitement in your intimate life.