Things That Your Mom Was Totally Right About

She Was Right About Men

1. Don’t date someone you work with was sound advice. But of course, I didn’t listen and dated a guy that I worked with in a restaurant. Sure enough, he dumped me and it was horrible seeing him all the time. Never again.- Amy

 Of Course She Was Right About Sunscreen

2. My mom definitely tried to stop me from baking in the sun every summer and also told me not to over pluck my eyebrows. I listened to neither and regret both, of course.- Carolyn


And That Planning Ahead Is Never a Bad Idea

3. Bring a jacket. The number of times that I’ve been freezing outside (or in a restaurant) because I didn’t heed my mother’s advice? Approximately 916.-Rachel


Or How a Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

4. Always send a thank-you note – it’s not the easiest task to get a kid to do but it has become habit. And when I left my last job, a colleague showed me that he had saved my thank-you note from my interview with him and told me that it went a long way.- Lauren


Oh, and That Kids and Fine China Do Not Mix

5. I did need non-breakable melamine plates once I had children. Sorry for fighting you on that one, Mom!-Jillian