Sitting At A Desk All Day Isn’t As Bad For You If You’re Fit

You’ve likely heard it a million times– sitting all day is bad for you. However, a new study published in BMC Medicine finds it might not be as bad to sit all day if you’re fit. Researchers from the University of Glasgow analyzed data from nearly 40,000 middle-aged people in the U.K. They used an objective test to get an idea of people’s exercise levels by conducting a grip strength test. They found the weakest grips had a 31 percent chance of dying over the study’s five-year follow-up for every two hours they spent in front of a screen, compared to people with stronger grips who spend similar amounts of time sitting down. These people also had a 21 percent higher risk of developing heart disease and a 14 percent higher risk of getting cancer, compared to people with higher grip strength. The good news: grip strength can be improved by weight training and moderate increases in physical activity and fitness.