The Top Rejected NFL Rule Changes

The NFL announced new rules regarding players not standing for the national anthem and changes for kickoffs. But many other proposed changes were voted down. Here are the Top Rejected NFL Rule Changes.

  • During team intros, instead of their college, players must name the last thing they were arrested for.
  • Although intentionally running into a kicker remains illegal, it’s okay to punch him in the kidney.
  • 15-yard penalty for not complimenting Tom Brady on his hair.
  • A catch is only a catch if the receiver maintains possession of the ball through the following Wednesday.
  • That stick firmly shoved up Bill Belichick’s butt can be used as a yardage marker.
  • Team captains will meet the ref at midfield for the “Bitcoin toss.”
  • The away team doesn’t get to wear helmets.
  • For field goal attempts, replace the goal posts and have Stormy Daniels lay flat on her back in the end Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can only get three Botox injections per season.
  • Next year’s Super Bowl Halftime headliner: The Yodeling Walmart Kid.