Top Titles You Might See From The Obamas On Netflix

Barack and Michelle Obama have a deal to produce movies and TV shows for Netflix. Find out some of what they’re pitching with The Top Titles You Might See From the Obamas on Netflix.

  • “Let’s Make a Deal . . . with Iran that Trump Will Forever Call the Worst in History”
  • “Liberal Eye for the Conservative Guy” 
  • “The Good Doctor Who Actually Takes Obamacare”
  • “No Country for Old Orange Men”
  • “America’s Got Talent. And I Got Bin Laden”
  • “Good Birth Certificate Hunting”
  • “Dances with Wolf Blitzer”
  • “The Fresh Prince of Grey Hair”
  • “So You Think You Can Wear Mom Jeans?”
  • “Malia in the Middle”
  • “All in the Family Planning Clinic”
  • “The Wire . . . Tap We Put on Trump”
  • “The Shape of Water . . . Bongs”
  • “Better Call Oprah”