Gluten-Free Condoms Are Now Available, But Are They Really Necessary?

These days, it seems like every product under the sun has some sort of gluten-free iteration: you can buy gluten-free soap, gluten-free water, and gluten-free hairspray. Now, the all-natural personal care company Lola has launched a line of condoms ($11 for 12) that purport to be paraben-free, fragrance-free, casein-free, and, of course, gluten-free. Lola joins other condom companies Glyde, Green Condom Club, and Sustain, which also offer products that claim to be totally devoid of the dreaded gluten.

 At this point, you’re probably wondering: wait, condoms have gluten in them? Well, according to a statement sent from Lola co-founders Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier, most condoms don’t. But there’s a chance that they use lubricant that does, “since gluten in personal care products is commonly used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, and/or filler,” Friedman and Kier wrote.

 Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies condoms as medical devices, condom manufacturers are not required to disclose product ingredients. That means that if you do have a sensitivity to gluten, you’d likely have no way of knowing whether your favorite brand of condoms contains gluten or not.

If you have gluten sensitivity and you’re concerned, always talk to your doctor first.