Study: Using Social Media At Work Isn’t Bad

Go ahead, take a break and check Facebook (When you’re finished on our site, of course). Your boss might not like it, but a new study finds the act doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lazy, nor that you lack motivation. Researchers from the University of Haifa in Israel and the University of South Florida surveyed over 400 full-time employees working in a public university in the U.S. The results showed the less work the employees were given, the more likely they were to browse their social media accounts to pass the time. Study author Shani Pindek explains, “Cyberloafing [or using your employer’s internet to log onto your personal accounts] is a rather natural response to workplace boredom and it is different from other (more harmful) forms of counterproductive work behaviors. Cyberloafing happens more when the workload is low and in many cases it may not be harmful to the work. Just make sure not to overdo it!” Also, if you’re very bored with your job it’s likely a sign you should be searching for a new one, according to career coach Jasmine Briggs.