You’re Better Off Letting a Stranger Choose Your Dating Profile Pic

Here’s a weird tip that could get you more dates. If you’re doing online dating, let a complete STRANGER choose your profile pic.

A recent study found there’s a good chance they’ll do a better job of it than you, and choose a more attractive photo.

Researchers in Australia did an experiment with about 100 people. Each person provided 12 photos of themselves, and chose the one they liked best.

Then complete strangers chose the one THEY liked. And those photos were consistently ranked as more attractive, trustworthy, and confident by other people.

In other words, the study found we choose unflattering photos of ourselves for some reason. And it’s not clear why.

Obviously most of us aren’t going to just flag someone down on the street and ask for help with our dating profile. That would be all kinds of weird. But you could maybe ask people ONLINE. Or just ask a friend to choose your picture.

The study didn’t look at how good friends are at it. But it sounds like choosing one yourself is the worst option. So ANYONE else’s opinion is probably better than yours.