Study: Almost Half Of Women Regert Freezing Their Eggs To Focus On Career

At a certain point in this country, many women feel they need to choose between advancing in their career or beginning a family. Now a new poll from the University of California, San Francisco, reveals many women who freeze their eggs actually regret it down the line. Researchers spoke to thousands of women who had their eggs frozen at the university hospital between 2012 and 2016. About 17 percent said they have ‘severe regret’ about freezing their eggs, and 49 percent said they feel more concerned than happy with their decision. At the same time, 70 percent said they felt supported in their decision, and none of the women polled had lost their eggs. Researchers believe that many of the regretful women may be scared that they could still struggle to conceive once their frozen eggs are thawed. Study author Dr. Eleni Greenwood explains, “It is possible that regret was related either to disappointment with the outcome or with interpreting the results of egg freezing as a negative forecast of future fertility.” She added, “Our ultimate goal is to translate this research into creating an increasingly supportive system to help women, realistically, achieve their reproductive goals.”