Study: To Be Happy Turn Your Phone Off At 10 P.M.

At some point you have to put your phone down and interact with the real world—and it might even make you happier. Researchers from Lancet Psychiatry gave 91,000 study participants wearable devices that measured disruptions to their body clocks. Using this information, researchers determined how far off a healthy pattern (active during daylight hours, sleep when it’s dark outside) the participants had. They found 25% of participants were actually more active at night than they were during the day. Study author Daniel Smith explains, “These were people who have very poor sleep hygiene, people on their mobile phones at midnight checking Facebook or getting up to make a cup or tea in the middle of the night.” Those individuals were also found to be six percent more likely to suffer from depression, and were 11 percent more likely to have bipolar disorder. They also scored their happiness level at nine percent lower than folks with normal sleep/wake patterns. Researchers admit this doesn’t prove that disruption to the body clock causes these health issues, but it is more evidence that our modern lifestyles are messing with the natural rhythms of our bodies.