People Share the Worst Wedding They’ve Ever Been To

1. I was at a wedding where the bride legitimately didn’t show up. They waited for a few hours. Hours. It’s honestly like in the movies where everyone is just sitting around murmuring about rumors they heard. If you think that’s awkward, it’s even more awkward when people start to leave before there’s even official word. After three or so hours, everyone was allowed to eat and enjoy the buffet and food that was meant for the wedding.- Sara, 27

 2. I feel bad because this wasn’t anyone’s fault except for the kitchen staff at the venue, but almost all the guests wound up with food poisoning the next day.-Will, 31

 3. It apparently was well-known to all the bride and groom’s closest friends that the bride and the best man used to be a thing, but when the best man gave a 20-minute speech starting with, ‘Well … I banged her first!’ it came as a shock to the rest of the room. Not much applause for that speech!-Jess, 26

 4. I was at a wedding where the priest mistook the groom’s last name for the entirety of the ceremony, calling his family the ‘Goldbergs’ instead of the ‘Goldmans.’ This was especially awkward as he announced what an honor it was to marry the pair, whose priest he had been since they were kids.-Rachel, 28

 5. I was in a wedding party where the groom’s brother (and best man) forgot the rings in the limo and he cursed him out at the altar in front of the rest of the wedding party. The whole thing lasted five minutes, maybe. Very awkward to sit through.- Rich, 29

 6. The wedding was in May in this beautiful old church. There was a heatwave though and suddenly it was in the high 90s. The church was so old it didn’t have air conditioning and the place was packed, which didn’t help.- Keith, 27