The Top Things You’d Be Surprised To Know About Oprah

Gayle King said Oprah sometimes smokes pot. Here are The Top Other Things You’d be Surprised to Know About Oprah.

  • She once successfully warded off a knife attack by Sally Jessy Raphael.
  • The last earthquake to hit Los Angeles was triggered when she dropped her wallet.
  • She’s seen “Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke” 147 times.
  • She’s actually the one in the Bigfoot suit in that infamous film footage. She was young and needed the money.
  • One time, she met a suburban housewife who WASN’T awestruck by her groundbreaking advice to “be your true self” and “live your best life.”
  • The first rule of her book club is you don’t talk about her book club.
  • Her favorite concert? Laser Pink Floyd.
  • She got an Oscar nomination for “The Color Purple” . . . and one for acting like she didn’t want to strangle Dr. Phil.
  • She makes Stedman eat in the pantry with the dogs.
  • She only started smoking pot after searching for a way to make it through a screening of the “Overboard” remake.
  • When she heard “A Wrinkle In Time” would lose $100 million, she offered to cover it with the change from her couch cushions.
  • She believes that to truly “live your best life” . . . you need about three billion dollars.