Lindsey Buckingham Says Fleetwood Mac Harmed Its Legacy

During a solo gig Friday night, LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM addressed his dismissal from FLEETWOOD MAC.



He said, quote, “I have sadly taken leave of my band of 43 years, Fleetwood Mac.  This was not something that was really my doing or my choice.



“I think what you would say is that there were factions within the band that had lost their perspective.”



At that point, someone in the crowd yelled, [Eff] STEVIE NICKS!”  But Lindsey resisted the urge to pile on.



He said, quote, “Well, it doesn’t really matter.  The point is that they’d lost their perspective.  And what that did was to harm . . . and this is the only thing I’m really sad about . . .



“It harmed the 43-year legacy that we had worked so hard to build.  And that legacy was really about rising above difficulties in order to fulfill one’s higher truth and one’s higher destiny.”