Horton, Here’s A Poo!

This is NOT the politeness we’re used to seeing from Canadians.  Especially at a Tim Hortons, which is supposed to be like holy ground to them.

A woman went into a Tim Hortons in Langley, British Columbia on Monday night, and SOMETHING set her off.  We’re not sure what the staff did exactly, but she was MAD.

And she expressed her anger by dropping her pants … POOPING on the floor… and then picking up her feces and throwing it at the staff.

And then she wiped her hands with a few of their napkins.

The employees called the cops, and they arrested the woman in the parking lot.  The prosecutors are still deciding on the charges.

I know what you’re thinking… where’s the link?  I think you can fire up the Google machine yourself and find it on your own.  Best not to get the lawyers stirring at this hour.