Things That Annoy Flight Attendants

A new study found that 68% of flight attendants say they’ve been sexually harassed on the job. So add sexual harassment to this list of The Top Things That Annoy Flight Attendants.

  • Explaining to passengers that they’re all out of Bacardi thanks to the captain.
  • Missing out on watching a fat person squeeze into a window seat.
  • Emotional Support snapping turtles.
  • Having to feign enthusiasm while making the announcement, “Welcome to Cleveland!”
  • Accidentally spilling coffee on a Japanese businessman that you meant to spill on the bratty toddler.
  • When a guy asks for a seatbelt extender. Not because he’s obese, but because he just popped a Viagra.
  • Parents that refuse their offer to soothe their shrieking infants with a dose of narcotics.
  • Fake smile face cramps.
  • Catching people doing it in the bathroom . . . who don’t invite you to join.
  • Not getting to join in the fun when security guards are pummeling a passenger who refuses to give up his seat to a crewmember.
  • Pet owners who completely overreact when they suffocate their poodle in the overhead compartment.
  • Moving the beverage cart down the aisle without getting the joy of bumping it against someone’s elbow.
  • One word: passengers.