Many different activities can take place when one is procrastinating, and apparently baking is such a popular way to procrastinate that the term “procrastibaking” has gotten quite popular. The term means the practice of baking something completely unnecessary, with the intention of avoiding ‘real’ work. Some procrastibakers like to take on long, slow recipes that break up the entire day, so they can return to their ‘real work’ in between steps of their recipe. Others, mostly creative types, are more likely to make a faster recipe such as banana bread or pan brownies. The act is so prevalent that it even has a thriving hashtag on Instagram– #procrastibaking. A professor of psychology at Carleton University, Tim Pychyl, explains that even procrastination that feels productive is still bad, saying “We make an emotional, irrational decision to do what feels good right now. Present self feels better, but future self gets jerked around.” In other words if you procrastinate by baking or cleaning you might feel skilled, nurturing, or virtuous in the present, but ultimately you’re just distracting yourself from the future.